Zoya Paradise Sun Collection Swatches & Review

*Provided for Review

Happy Friday all! Today I have for you the second half of Zoya's summer collection, the Paradise Sun collection. This half of the collection consists of six shimmer and metallic polishes. 


First up is Genesis. I swatched this one first because of all the colors in this part of the collection, it was the most intriguing to me. A soft white with subtle iridescent shimmer sounded amazing to me. And color-wise this polish is very pretty. I was a little bummed about how much the shimmer disappears on the nail. But the major bummer unfortunately was the formula. It was thick and patchy and streaky. Luckily I had been warned about this ahead of time so I had a pretty good idea of how to apply it. But I still wound up with patches in certain areas. The upside is that it is completely opaque with just two coats. But I had to make them relatively thick coats. 


Mae is the iridescent sister to Nana from the Island Fun collection. It is pretty, but I wasn't blown away by it. The formula is on the thin side and as you can see in the pictures with two coats I still had some visible nail line - which is a major pet peeve of mine. The formula was okay. This applied very much like a jelly so I would suggest using either really thin coats or simply waiting a few minutes between each coat to avoid pulling and streaks. 


Aphrodite is the shimmery sister to Demetria The shimmery flecks kind of disappear on camera but are much more noticeable in person. I love this color! It's so juicy and bright and perfect for summer. The formula was similar to Mae's though it was a tad easier to work with. I used two coats for pics.


When I tried Isa on I immediately thought, "Okay now we're cooking!" The shimmery blue flecks in this polish are gorgeous! They were actually a lot more noticeable on the nail than they were in the bottle which was a refreshing change. The formula was very thin. I used two coats and probably could have gone over my nails with a thin third coat. Regardless my nails were still opaque so I was satisfied with just two coats for pictures. 


Next up is Selene, a shimmery metallic blue-green. I am so not a frost/metallic girl so I was thoroughly prepared to hate this polish. But - I didn't. The color pay-off is amazing even with just one coat. My only gripe is the gripe I have pretty much all frosts/metallics - it showed every little imperfection in the nail. I don't have completely smooth nails so for me this was very noticeable. But I still love the color so I would wear it again. Maybe with a ridge-filling base coat.


And last is Oceane. This was my least favorite out of the collection. Don't get me wrong - the formula was actually pretty good for a metallic though I did have the same issues I had with Selene with not getting a completely smooth finish. I just am not a first girl and this reads very much like a frost on me. It does have some very subtle shimmer flecks in it but they are not very noticeable in the bottle and non-existent on the nail. I say if you love blue polish and you love metallics then you will like this polish.

My final thoughts on this collection? I wish Zoya had stuck with the shimmer/flecks polish for each color. I think that would have been amazing! There are some definite standouts for me though. My faves from this collection are Aphrodite, Isa and Selene. Have any of you grabbed this collection? If so what are some of your personal favorites? Let me know in the comments section below!

The Paradise Sun Collection is currently available on the Zoya website. Each bottle retails for $9.