Thursday, August 28, 2014

Top Ten Favorite Polishes: Number Six - OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Matte

 I am a sucker for matte polishes so of course there has to be a matte polish on my list of favorites. OPI Lincoln Park After Dark is a classic OPI color and the matte version is such a great twist on it. 

I got my hands on OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Matte on a lark. A friend was giving away a ton of her polish and this was in the bunch that she gave to me. I didn't even use it right away. It languished in my nail drawer for a good six months before I decided to wear it. The formula is on the thin side which is rare for a matte polish which generally run a bit thick. Application is fairly easy though I do experience streaking on the first coat which can be hard to level out due to the fact that matte polishes show every flaw and brush stroke. But - it dries quickly with a velvet-like finish. 

I used two coats for pics and I would recommend doing more than two coats since it can become a bit lumpy after that. 

I don't think this polish is available for purchase anymore but if you happen to randomly come across it snap it up! It's such a great fall vampy!

I will be taking a break from my countdown for a bit since I will have my hands pretty full with the 31 Day Challenge that starts Sept. 1. 

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  1. So cool! I wish in a major way that I'd have cared about nail polish when this collection was readily available!

  2. That's such a rich and dark color. The matte finish is nice.


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