Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cirque Midsummer Night

I have been trying to keep my polish purchases to a minimum over the past few months (hence no haul posts for June or July), but after seeing Cirque Midsummer Night I felt the urge to splurge. And I'm so glad I did because Midsummer Night does not disappoint!

Midsummer Night is a cobalt blue jelly with color-shifting shimmer. Holy smokes is this color amazing! I loved it in pictures loved it in the bottle and love it on my nails. Because it is a jelly it's definitely on the sheer side. I opted to layer it over Revlon Royal to give it a bit more depth and opacity. This is one coat of MN over two coats of Royal.

I really have nothing more to say about this polish other than... get it. You need it. You know you want it. I circled around it for about a week and I am so glad that I didn't talk myself out of buying it.

Midsummer Night is a Limited Edition polish so get it while the getting is good! It is sold on the Cirque website and retails for $13.

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  1. This color is stunning! The shimmer and glow to it is amazing.

  2. Wearing this right now! I love the added random holo in there, too. So much gorgeous dimension in a bottle :)

  3. hmmm.... I wonder if this is anything like Cirque Coronation? I missed out on that one, might this quell the lemming?

  4. Yes and no. The finish is very similar but Midsummer Night is definitely more blue. I have had Coronation on my wish list as well and thought that this would be a good substitute but I love the purple tone of Coronation so I still want it!

  5. Agreed Becca- it has amazing depth of color.

  6. WOW. Just... gorgeous. I've got nothing else. lol.


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