Thursday, January 9, 2014

Inspired by Perfume - Dior Midnight Poison

We are already on Day 4 of Inspired by Perfume week, only one day left after today. I'm kind of bummed about that since there are so many ideas I had for this week. Alas, I could only choose five. Dior Midnight Poison made the cut. All of Dior's Poison perfumes come in these gorgeous gradient bottles. I had a hard time choosing which one I wanted to use, but Midnight won out because of the amazing combo of blue and black.

I decided to flip the pattern of the gradient and chose a slight brighter blue for this design because I really wanted the black to pop. I started with two coats of Sinful Colors Endless Blue. I bought this color on a whim when they were all .99 at Walgreens and it's sat in my polish drawer since September. It's such a gorgeous electric blue!
For the black I mixed Sinful Colors Black on Black and a bit of thinner together. I used a slightly bushy nail art brush and painted down the center of my nails with short feathered strokes. 

This is such a striking design. I was going to just paint my right hand solid blue but loved this so much I did it on both hands. 


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