Friday, July 31, 2015

Glam Polish Boing Swatch & Review

Happy Friday! I am so excited for today's post! Why? Because I finally have some Glam Polish in my life! Yeah! I received this lovely polish (and another one that I will be showing you all soon) from my swap partner in a Facebook group I belong to. This particular polish has been on my wish list for awhile so I was beyond stoked to finally get my hands on it!

Glam Polish Boing is a gorgeous pink with lavender undertones, glitter polish filled with large bits of holographic glitter. Picture really do not do this polish justice! It is stunning! The formula lived up to my expectations as well; it was thick without being difficult to use and applied evenly with no streakiness or patches. I applied two effortless coats for pics. I will say that this does dry down a bit matte and gritty, I need two coats of top coat to get a completely smooth finish.

It's always so gratifying when a polish brand lives up to the hype surrounding it. Now that I've tried one I need MOAR Glam Polish in my life!!

Do any of you own any Glam Polish? And if so, what shades do you recommend I get?

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Groovy 60's-Inspired Floral Nail Art

Hi gang! Today's nail are simple, bright and fun. It's been a sauna in my apartment over the last few days and so it's been hard to do detailed nail art without encountering air bubbles, thickened polish and super-long drying times despite slapping on a fast dry to coat. But I powered through and came up with a bit of 60's-inspired nail art for your viewing pleasure!

Dual-tipped Dotting Tool

Polishes used:
Butter London Jaded Jack
Sally Hansen Sun Kissed
Sinful Colors Sugar n' Spice
Sinful Colors Unicorn
Wet n' Wild White French Creme
The Balm Sky Blue Right Past You
Bundle Monster Crowley
KBShimmer Clearly on Top

While this utilized a bunch of colors it was fairly easy and quick to do. I started with two coats of Jaded Jack. Once dry I used the large end of my dotting tool to create my flower patterns using Sugar N' Spice and Sun Kissed. I dotted the centers of the flowers using Unicorn and White French Creme. I then used both ends of the dotting tool to create dots and clusters with Crowley, Sky Blue and White French Creme and finished with Clearly on Top.

I've been really enjoying bright colorful nail over the last couple of weeks. I wish I had been able to do something a tad more detailed but, it was hot! LOL! I still like the way these turned out though. All I need are some bell bottoms and a fringed vest and I'm good to go. Oh - and a lava lamp. Can't forget the lava lamp!

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Beach Wave Nail Art with Bundle Monster Sun Kissed Stamping Set

Happy Monday gang! It is finally starting to feel like summer here. We've had one full week of temps being above 80 degrees (and no rain!!) and this week is projected to be even warmer. I now feel inspired to actually post summer nail art! Yay! Today's nails are simple but I love the look of them and they definitely make me think of a day at the beach!

Tools used:
BM Plate 504
BM Plate 509
Color4nails Crystal Veil

Polished used:
Zoya Farah
Floss Gloss Wet
Zoya Ryan
Pueen White in White
KBShimmer Clearly on Top

I started by creating a gradient using Farah, Wet and Ryan. Once dry, I stamped on the water wave image from 509 and White in White. On my ring finger I used the ocean wave image from 504 and finished with a coat of Clearly on Top.

These definitely make me think of sand and surf and I love the way they turned out. Can I let you all in on a little secret though? I actually hate the beach. I am not a fan of sand so although I love the water I avoid the beach as much as possible. Having the illusion of sand on my nails is much easier to clean up lol!

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

3D Triangle Nail Art

Happy almost-Friday lovelies! Earlier I was brainstorming ideas for this week I came upon a horrible discovery. I don't own that many neon polishes. Seriously. I own like 2. I was seriously horrified. I am currently working on remedying this problem. The bright side of this is that I rediscovered an old polish that I love. It's always so great when you go through your stash and find little treasures you'd completely forgotten about. This particular polish is Avon Starlight, a bright yellow-gold holo. I was obsessed with how bright this polish was when I first bought it and figured it would be a perfect stand-in for the neon yellow I do not currently own.

Tools used:
Medium detailing brush

Polishes used:
Avon Starlight
Floss Gloss Wet
Wet n' Wild Black
Wet n' Wild White French Creme
KBShimmer Clearly on Top

I had no idea what I was going to do when I sat down to do my nails. I knew what my base color was and that I wanted something bright and graphic. I just started painting small triangles on my nails with Wet. I loved the way that looked just on it's own, but decided to give them a bit of dimension by outlining them with Black. To give them even more pop and dimension I added small lines of white to create a "3D" effect. I finished with a coat of Clearly on Top.

I'm really excited with how these turned out. It's exactly what I wanted: fun, bright and cool looking!

Now that I've begun my search for neons, what indie brands do you recommend?

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Then and Now: Tiger Print Nail Art

Last night I sat down to do a bit of nail art having no idea what I wanted to do. I had been rocking Sinful Colors Hazard on my nails all day and really didn't want to take it off so I decided to do something that would work well with it. I was flipping through my stamping plates looking for inspiration when I came across a plate that I've had forever and have never used featuring...Tiger stripes! Oh, yeah! I'm a sucker for animal prints and for some reason during the summer tiger print is what pops into my head. Halfway through completing this design I remembered that I'd done one years ago when I first started blogging and doing nail art. And so I decided to do a little then and now post for you all showing you my old design and the newer updated version!

Tools used:
Born Pretty BP-16
Fan Brush
Color4nails Crystal Veil

Polishes used:
Sinful Colors Hazard
Polish My Life Muscat Martini
Konad Black
KBShimmer Clearly on Top

I already had my nails painted with Hazard so I went right to adding the tiger details. I started by using my fan brush to swipe on Muscat Martini. This was a bit of an accident. I had Muscat Martini sitting on my desk since I had used it for my peacock print nail art from last week. I grabbed it not even thinking about the fact that it isn't actually white or beige - more like a pale pale lavender! But I had already done two nails by the time I remembered this and was like *shoulder shrug*. It looks white again Hazard so it all worked out lol! I then added Crystal Veil around my cuticles and stamped on my tiger stripes with BP-16. I finished with a coat of Clearly on Top.

And now for a pic of my then Tiger Stripe Nail Art. Gird your loins people!

Yikes that photo is bad! But I'm actually still fairly happy with how my tiger stripes looked back then. If I remember correctly I used China Glaze Desert Sun as my base (I still love that color!) and sponged on the white using a makeup sponge. I freehanded the stripes with a black nail art pen. I had only been doing nail art for about four months at that point and freehanded my stripes. Considering my skill set was fairly limited I think I did a pretty good job!

As for my current Tiger Print Stripes? I think they're grrrrreat! I couldn't finish this post without working that line somewhere into it.

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