Friday, August 28, 2015

I Trust Indie Polish: Some of My Favorite Indie Polish Brands

Happy Friday all! There has been quite a bit of drama within the nail polish community over the past week regarding the actions (and inaction) of the indie polish brand, Mentality. I won't go into the details here. Mainly because there is a LOT and things are happening on a nearly daily basis. If you want to read the in depth story there are some amazing posts by Michelle at Lab Muffin, Kirby at Mercurial Magpie, and there have been recent articles in Jezebel and Cosmopolitan on the subject.  I have been blogging for over three years now and I bought my first indie polish (Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker to be exact) right around that time. I fell in love with the unique colors and quality formulas and the fact that the maker of the polish was someone whose name I knew and could speak with if need be. I have always loved polish but more and more I reach for and spend my money on indies as opposed to mainstream. Why? Because most of the time they are just more unique!  And what's so funny is that as small as the indie polish world may be it has been informing what larger brands do for years now. You want to know where the holographic polish craze was born? The indie polish community. All that glitter polish you see in drugstores? Indie polish was there first. So it saddens me that the actions of one man and his inability to admit his mistakes and own up to them are casting a negative light on indie polish makers in general.  It's unfair - plain and simple.

So today I decided to show some love to some of my favorite indie polish brands by showing you a few of my all-time favorite indie polishes. Because I assure you - Mentality is the exception. NOT the rule!

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Zoya Flair Collection Swatches & Review

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Hi all! I'm back with the second half of Zoya's Fall 2015 collection, Flair. This half of the collection features metallic polishes in shades complimentary to the Focus collection of cremes. Check out my full review and swatches after the jump. 

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Firmoo Eyeglasses Giveaway Announcement!

Hi all! I wanted to do a quick post to announce the winner of the Firmoo Eyeglasses giveaway, Ashley K. Congrats to Ashley and thank you all for participating!

Firmoo Glasses Giveaway

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Rocksbox Review - and Promo Code!

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Happy Hump Day gang! Today I have a different type of "shiny" for your viewing pleasure. Last month Rocksbox contacted me and asked if I would be interested in trying out their service. If you have never heard of Rocksbox, it is a monthly subscription service (think Birchbox or ipsy). For $19 a month you get to "rent" premium jewelry. I am a huge jewelry lover so this of course peaked my interest. Each box is tailored to your preferences and likes (you do this by logging into your account and adding items to your "wish list"). Check out below what items I received in my box and my full review of the service. Also check out the bottom of this post for a promo code for 1 free month of Rocksbox!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Zoya Focus Collection Swatches & Review

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Hello out there! I was not intending to take a week long break from the blog but that's kind of how it turned out. Things were crazy busy at work and in life last week (my cat Finn had to have dental surgery, and I was busy planning and overseeing my company annual summer outing), and I barely had time to do my nails let alone post. I was feeling crazy guilty about it and then had a nice talk with myself and gave myself permission to be okay with it. Blogging takes a lot of time and sometimes life has to take priority right? Anywho, I'ms starting off with a bang with the first half of Zoya's Fall 2015 collection, Focus. Check out my full review and swatches after the jump!

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