Pride & Prejudice & Zombies inspired Nail Art w/Moyra Stamping Plates

Today's post is a fun bit of nail art I did over the weekend after seeing a million reviews of the new film Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, due out tomorrow in theaters. I never read the book (the zombie version - I've read the original), but I hear it's a lot of fun and actually pretty good. This also gave me the chance to use my Moyra Stamping Plates!

I recently participated in a group buy for Moyra stamping plates and have been itching to try them out. Moyra is a company based out of Hungary that sells nail art tools, polish and stamping plates. I limited myself to three plates because well, my collection of unused plates has been growing far too much and I wanted to make sure that I would actually get around to using the ones I purchased. I selected three plates : Stamping Plate No. 5 - Vintage, Stamping Plate No. 12 - Faces,  and Stamping Plate No. 14 - Moments. I used an image from each plate for this design. I also used an image from the MoYou London Pride & Prejudice plate from their Literature collection because you know, obvi.


Polishes used:

Sinful Colors Snow Me White

Zoya Nana, Genevieve, Willa and Spencer

Konad Special Black

Sally Hansen Rapid Red

KBShimmer Clearly on Top

Plates used:

MoYou London Literature Plate 10 & Pro Plate 07

Moyra Plates 5, 12 & 14

Bundle Monster Plate 603


As you can see from the list I used a lot of plates for this design. It sounds like way more work than it actually was. I started with one coat of Snow Me White and once dry I sponge on my Zoya colors to create a "zombie skin" effect. I then stamped on my images from the Moyra, Bundle Monster  and Moyou Plates using Konad Black and Rapid Red and finished with top coat. Easy peasy!

I love how these turned out! They're quirky and funny which is what I was going for. My favorite finger is definitely the Victorian woman mainly because she fits so nicely on my nail and I was worried that she'd be too big. Three cheers for happy surprises!

What do you all think? Do you have a favorite nail? Also, will you be going to see the movie Pride & Prejudice & Zombies? Let me know in the comments!


Colors by Llarowe Winter 2015 Partial Collection Swatches & Review

Happy Monday everyone - an oxymoron if ever there was one, right? Today I have for you 4 polishes from the Colors by Llarowe Winter 2015 Collection. I have been on a self-imposed no buy/low buy for some months now and these polishes have been on my wish list for awhile. Now that I have released myself from the shackles that are the no buy I treated myself to them!



I used two coats for each polish with base coat. I also picked up the CbL PDQ Top Coat. I used one coat over each polish.

First up is Berries in the Snow, a rich blackened berry wine. If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don't you need to get on that, yo!) then you probably saw this polish. It was the first one I tried when they arrived. Can I just say that this polish is filled with awesome? Okay. I said it. Because it is. This is hands down one of my all-time favorite CbLs. The formula is fantastic. It was the easiest of the bunch to work with. I had no issues during application.


Next up is my second favorite polish from my picks, Hot Buttered Rum, a golden nude scattered holo. I am a sucker for golds like this one. The formula was on the thick side. I was able to achieve full opacity with just one coat. I used two out of force of habit but next I time I will skip the second coat since it really isn't needed. Despite the thicker consistency it was fairly easy to work with and I had no issues with application.


'Shroom With a View is a taupe brown scattered holo. I am on the fence with this one. While I love how it looks in other swatches I've seen, I don't really like it on myself. The formula was the thickest of the four and not as easy to work with. I had a few issues with streak and patchiness. I definitely needed two coats to smooth it out and cover patches. I might add as bit of thinner to it and see if that helps the application process.


Last is Santa Baby, the prerequisite nod to the holiday season in the collection. A cherry red linear holo. The formula is pretty identical to Berries in the Snow; very easy to apply with no issues. This is another color that I love on others and am pretty meh about on myself. I'm not a huge red polish person so that could be the reason. If you are a red polish girl this is definitely one to add to your collection.


Final thoughts:

The two standouts from my picks are Berries in the Snow and Hot Buttered Rum. There are a few other colors that I am thinking of picking up from the collection. And a few notes on the PDQ Top Coat. I was really impressed with how it did not dull the holo finish on any of the polishes. It dried quickly and left a nice glossy shine. Will definitely be purchasing again!

The Colors by Llarowe Winter collection is available via the Llarowe website and retail for $12 a bottle.

KBShimmer Water Slide Decals Swatch & Review

Happy Monday gang! Today I have for your viewing pleasure three decal designs from KBShimmer, that I recently picked up. I am a huge love of decals - they are great if you are short on time or nail art talent and want to do something fun. 


Decal details:

All of the decals in this post require a plain white background. I applied one coat of white polish (SInful Colors Snow Me White) onto the fingers that would be wearing the decals. The decals are transparent so this in important in making sure that the images are visible. Each set comes with 1 sheet of decals that contains ten decals to fort each nail from pinky to thumb. The decals are fairly wide so I was able to pick and choose which patterns I liked best for each nail (with the exception of the decals for the pinky). 

I applied them using room temperature water and removed the excess using a clean-up brush dipped in acetone.  I allowed for my white base to dry completely before applying the decals. I then followed up with a layer of KBShimmer Clearly on Top to seal the decal and add shine.


First up is the Coral Cream Plaid Floral Water Decal. I opted to use all the patterns in this set because I love the skittle effect. The decals are fairly thin and delicate. I made the mistake of using too many brush strokes when applying top coat to my middle finger and in disintegrated part of the decal. Luckily, because you are given two of each design in the set I was able to re do it. My advice is to apply only thick layer of top coat in one stroke and allow to dry and then use your clean up brush to remove any excess.


Next is the Snowflakes Navy Blue Water Decals. I love these because they just scream winter! I applied these the same way I applied the first set. I opted for an accent nail of Zoya Yves. I was worried when putting these on over the white that they would look a bit washed out but the pattern is nice and vibrant once on the nail.


Last but not least we have the set that first caught my eye and my favorite of the three, the Foxy Winter Water Slide Decal. How adorable are these?! I am sucker for anything with foxes on them (or cats or owls) so these were a must have for me. In fact - I am still wearing them I love them so much. For the accent nails I used Dance Legend No. 328

KBShimmer water decals are sold on their site and retail for $2.95 a set. 


Zoya Whispers Transitional Collection 2016 -Swatches & Review

*Provided for review


Hello all! Today I have for you the Zoya 2016 Whispers Transitional Collection. The collection is made up of six soft, muted easily wearable shades. 


First a quick rundown of the swatches:

For each polish I used two coats

I used no base coat (with the exception of Cala) and no top coat for pics.


First up is Cala, a soft nude with yellow-undertones.  Nudes can be hit or miss when it comes to how they look in various skin tones. Having seen Cala on paler skin tones and then my own I feel like it can work for most people without leaning too yellow, which is a pet peeve of mine when it comes to shades like this. The formula was great; the first coat went on quite sheer but by the second coat was fully opaque. A rare feat for a neutral. 


April is the softer, paler, rosier sister to Cala. I love this shade! And again it is one of those rare neutrals that is universally flattering. The formula was identical to Cala's; sheer on the first coat but opaque by the second. I also did not have any issues with patches or bald spots which can tend to happen with shaded like this.


Eastyn is a dusky muted lavender. In terms of formula it was the sheerest of the bunch and while applying the first coat, I wasn't sure if I even liked it it was so sheer. But  it after the second coat I fell in love! This is my second favorite color of the collection. And again - universally flattering. 


Next up is Misty. This color stumped me. While applying it under the lighting in my house it looked like a pale pale green which made me question why it was included since there is already a green in the collection. But in natural lighting it reads as a  dusky taupe. This is another one that grew on me after I'd applied the second coat. The formula was a bit thicker than the others, but I had no issues with application.


Lake is a gorgeous soft pastel muted blue. I hesitate to say baby blue but it's somewhere in that spectrum.  This one was my absolute favorite of the collection. I wore it for an entire week I loved it so much. The formula was identical to Misty's - a bit thicker than the otehr but applied very smoothly and evenly. 

Ireland is a soft sage green. Color-wise this was just okay for mt, but I think if you're looking for a bit of color while still being subtle or work-appropriate. The formula was pretty identical to Lake and Misty. I had no issues with application

My overall review:

I think this was a really solid collection. The colors are incredibly wearable and I was really impressed with the formulas on all of them - not a weak link in the bunch.

Purchase details

The Whispers Collection is currently available via the Zoya website and retail for $9 a bottle.



My Top Ten Favorite Nail Art 2015

It's that time again! My year-end round up of my top ten favorite nail art that I've done this year. I have a confession to make - I had forgotten a lot of the nail art I'd done this year. With the many blogging breaks I wound up taking it just didn't feel like I'd done a whole lot, but as I went through my archives and looked at everything from January on I realized I'd done quite a bit. And not only that - I'd done some of my favorite nail art ever! Go figure.  Though I do have certain designs that stand out for me, this list is no particular order.



Retro Comic Book Nail Art

This design is one of my all-time favorites for two reasons: 1. I love the pop art aesthetic of it and 2 . I used a technique that I'd never tried before and managed to do a fairly decent job of it. Is it perfect? Nah. But perfection is overrated my friends. 


Simple Green Polka Dot Nail Art

The simplicity of this look is  one of the things I like best about it. It's clean (thanks to me using a stamping plate for the polka dot pattern, natch) and glossy and just plain purty. 

Beach Wave Nail Art

You know those moments when your gradient is on fleek? Like so on point that you are impressed by your own skills? Yup that was me with this design. I patted myself on the back with this one!

Abstract Double Stamping

This particular design was part of a three-part series where I used one stamping plate image to create three unique nail art designs. This one was by far my favorite. I love the color combo and how bold it turned out.

Subtle Stamping w/ Zoya Sia & Ember

I love subtle stamping and I love unexpected color combos. This nail art design has both. Zoya Sia and Ember are a match made in heaven and I'm still thinking of various way to utilize this really cool Hehe stamping plate pattern.

Matte Polka Dot Nail Art

Yes, I have two polka dot pattern nail art designs on this list. Why? Because they're awesome that's why. This one I love because I love matte nail art, I love studs and I love polka dots. Check, check and check!

Black Swan Nail Art

My obsession with black swan is real. And the opportunity to create nail art around said obsession was a no-brainer for me. I love how unique and subtle this design turned out. 

Red Matte Lace Nail Art

I am not generally a red polish girl - but I do love red polish as a base for nail art. This design turned out so sexxxy and the matte finish gave it almost the vibe of I daresay - lingerie? 

Sheer Matte Polka Dot Nail Art

This design was my most popular nail art post of 2015. This design is simple yet bold and dynamic. It's one of the bits of nail art that I'm the most proud of. 


Galaxy and Tribal Print Nail Art

 This one is one of my all-time favorite galaxy designs I've ever done. It turned out exactly how I wanted it to and I love how the galaxy pattern peeks out from the behind the lines. 

And there is my Top Ten Favorite Nail Art of 2015. Did your favorite design not make the list? Let me know which nail art from the past year was your favorite!